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gc360° provides an experienced general counsel (trained on Wall Street) to portfolio companies of private equity firms and small to mid-size companies on a fixed, monthly fee. Our hourly rates range from $200 to $275 per hour -- a fraction of the cost of hiring large law firms (at $450 to $650 per hour) or a full-time, general counsel (at a salary of $250,000 per year, plus benefits). Our subscription pricing also assists clients compete against larger, better funded companies with sophisticated legal representation (on an “as-needed” basis); stabilize their monthly legal expense; control costs; and facilitate more accurate financial reporting.

At gc360°, we believe in total transparency. There are no hidden costs. Clients select the number of hours per month of legal assistance that they require. And, we do not charge for basic costs such as copying, postage, faxing, scanning, telephone calls, secretarial overtime and the like, which keeps our invoices simple.

At gc360°, we aim to provide clients with superior legal service by, among other things, creating an excellent work product, promptly returning calls, and aggressively addressing our client’s needs.

gc360° handles the legal needs of both small and large companies. For companies with no in-house legal staff, we handle ongoing, routine legal matters (“In-Scope Services”) at a fraction of the cost of traditional counsel. For larger companies that have a general counsel or in-house staff, we serve as overflow counsel, acting as an extension of the in-house legal team to manage spikes in workload or large projects where an augmented legal team is required.