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Miami, Florida 33131

t: 305.579.5111
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fee structure

At gc360°, our fees range from $200 to $275 per hour. Smaller clients with less sophisticated businesses will generally require fewer hours per month. Larger users of our services are awarded with greater fee discounts. Our services require a nominal three (3) month subscription commitment upon enrollment and each renewal.

At gc360°, we absorb all routine costs that law firms traditionally charge including copying, postage, faxing, scanning, telephone calls, secretarial overtime and the like. At gc360°, we believe in total transparency – our clients know exactly what services they will receive, and what they will cost, with no surprises.

Our pricing is as follows:

  • Light Package = 5 hours @ $1,375 per month ($275 per hour)
  • Small Package = 10 hours @ $2,500 per month ($250 per hour)
  • Medium Package = 20 hours @ $4,500 per month ($225 per hour)
  • Large Package = 40 hours @ $8,000 per month ($200 per hour)

Clients may move between packages during a subscription cycle in exchange for payment of the stepped-up fees. Our terms of service are included in a written, retention agreement that is signed with each client.